SCHOOL COURT TV - Building Tomorrow's Thinkers Today
School Court seeks to foster the love of learning in each individual student. Our "curriculum" skillfully weaves artistic, logical, and practical discipline into everyday academics, as well as in life. Students learn to follow their curiosity, to think creatively, be positively aggressive, take control, and finally execution of training, as well as to work both independently and cooperatively with others.
We celebrate diversity and strive to instill integrity, compassion, and confidence in each child. We give each child support and encouragement to become his or her own unique self. To search within themselves, hence providing an education that will hopefully keep them away from the bad side of the law and from or outside of the bars, since they will now understand the consequences that could follow.

School Court TV is the brainchild of Farzan Mohamed (Executive Producer) and Victory Davi (Producer and Host) and was officially founded in 2010. SCTV was originally intended to be a mock trial competition between schools, but instead, it has quickly grown into a youth development program featuring youth from all around, including Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, New Jersey, Washington DC and more. Participants need not be interested in pursuing a law career, but simply to pursue a brighter future through development of their communication, leadership, and critical thinking skills.

Since 2010, SCTV has partnered with the Living Classrooms Foundation and Mr. Scott Raymond, the foundation's Vice-President. Together, SCTV and LCF have created an atmosphere of growth and development for youth, ages 10-18, by hosting auditions, rehearsals, mentoring, fundraisers, and more. SCTV also partners with Entrepreneur Tv Pitch, the Anne Arundel County Chamber of Commerce, Be Victorious Pageant Prep and Image Consulting, The Umbrella Syndicate, the Small Business Meetup Group and many other local businesses and organizations that recognize the value of building tomorrow's thinkers, leaders, movers, and shakers today. In fact, in 2012 SCTV was nominated for an Excellence in Business Award from the Prince George's County Chamber of Commerce for its unique youth development program.

School Court TV is a local, weekly television reality (competition) show; the show is for educational and entertainment purposes only - any similarities to real cases, stories etc are coincidence. Each airing will be done at a local and state level (check your local listings); producers hope for national syndication within a year.

Program participants range from 10 years of age to 18 years of age, but the program will soon expand to colleges and universities as well; everyone under 18 must have a signed release form to participate. Participants audition for the show, like other popular reality TV shows, and are then cast to be "student attorneys" on the program. Student attorneys are assigned a courtroom case and a team, given extensive mentoring by attorneys and other business professionals, and are then challenged to come up with their own ideas as how to defend their clients in court; cases are presented in a real courtroom, with a real live judge and jury (jury members will consist of fellow student attorneys). Cases will be decided by a judge, according to both law AND courtroom performance (public speaking skills, level of preparedness etc). As student attorneys win their cases, they will advance to the next level of competition, following a simple bracket system of elimination, until an age-division champion is decided. There will be no deviation in programming, bracketing, rules and guidelines etc, unless so determined by the producers: Victory Davi and Farzan Mohamed.
School Court TV is unlike any other reality TV show in that it will broaden student's minds and personal performance by increasing their communication, preparation, presentation, impromptu thinking, and debate skills in front of a live audience. This concept will also educate both students and everyday citizens by becoming more acquainted with everyday US law. The idea of researching, putting together the entire case, and then defending it will no doubt enhance a participant's abilities to think for themselves while also conducting themselves professionally in controlled professional environment from an early age. 

Participants partake in this program without any compensation for their time or work. 

Schools, contestants/participants, principals, teachers, students and everyone/anyone who participated in the filming or taping of ©School Court TV understands that the rights to the entire show belongs to ©School Court L.L.C.

Schools, contestants/participants, principals, teachers, students and everyone/anyone who participated in the filming or taping of ©School Court TV understands that the rights to re-run or re-airing of shows is the sole discretion of ©School Court L.L.C and does not need any authorization from any parents, participant, guardian or school to do so, nor  does not need to (and will not) pay any fees (to include royalties fees).
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