SCHOOL COURT TV - Building Tomorrow's Thinkers Today
Actor/Actress Commitment Fee $200.00

School Court TV is dedicated to empowering youth to be the thinkers, leaders, movers and shakers of tomorrow, so we ask that everyone participating give us the same level of commitment that we give to each of you.

To ensure an equal level of commitment between staff and student attorneys (and their families), School Court TV will charge $200.00 per participating student attorney and this $200.00 should be paid no later than the orientation day of your particular season. Failure to pay will result in elimination from the program. Your commitment fee can be paid in cash, money order, or credit card on orientation day; credit card transactions are subject to a small fee.

The $200.00 is non-refundable and it ensures that you fulfill all of your requirements to School Court TV, including (but not limited to) orientation, all workshops/mentoring/rehearsals, taping dates, etc. It also ensures that we can produce a top quality show with judges, mentors, makeup artists, lights etc. It is very important that you are professional about your commitments! 

YOU are responsible for your performance - we just give you the tools to succeed. People will be watching YOU on television and if you want your performance to be of top quality, you will/must attend and participate fully in all required elements of the program. Everyone will be watching YOU, so commit fully and watch the awesome things that can happen for you!

This amount is only refundable if you attend:
1. Orientation,
2.  All mentoring/rehearsals sessions,
3. Taping of shows, 
4. Participation in the jury box, 
5. Fulfillment on all levels of championships as winners move up.
6. Participation of Facebook challenge
No Excuses.... No Exception

You must be TV ready
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